Privacy Policy

The UPOU Repository adheres to Republic Act 10173, or the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

When you visit the UPOU Repository, the system saves a record of your IP address. Any information about you, your use of the repository, or any statistical report created during your session, may be retained in our system but will not be shared. If you are a contributor of Academic Work in the repository, your identity and contact information may be collected during upload of the work and may be stored. Note that some information such as author, title, and abstract will be included in the publicly available record found in the repository.

Cookie Policy

A cookie consists of information when you visit a site which helps remember things; such as preferences, login information, history and tracks your site activity. Our website temporarily stores cookies in your computer when you visit it. Cookies are files located within your web browser. Our site uses cookies for:

  • Analytics – We use Google Analytics to help us understand our visitors and collect information in order to improve our site.
  • Social Media Sharing Tool – We use third-party plugins to enable easy sharing of content found within our site to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Generally, this is set by the third-party independently so we do not have the ability to access them.
How to control cookies

You can control the information that is collected from you through the site's Cookie Settings link in the footer. In addition, please see the following documentation on how to control cookies on various browsers:

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