A Distributed Scheduling System for Central Luzon State University Using the Creedy Algorithm

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Botangen, Khavee Agustius W.
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The Scheduling System facilitated the collaborative and distributed creation of schedules. It lessened scheduling problems encountered the start of the semester. It reduced the time spent by college registrars in plotting and checking schedules. It also resolved problems of schedule conflicts with student blocks, course offerings, instructors, and rooms within the University. The Scheduling System played a crucial role in speeding up the overall registration process in the University. The collective schedule, being the main output of the System, was readily available before the registration time. The System alleviated the tasks employed by college registrars and department chairs preparing schedules, a prerequisite for registration. Through the System, problems of schedule conflict were addressed and avoided. Furthermore, reports that were generated by the system became an aid to college registrars and department chairs in their decisions on matters related to schedule preparation such as schedule adjustments, time allotments, room utilizations, and faculty teaching-load distributions. The prototype of the System was tested using actual data by several academic units in the University. It was used in the preparation of schedules that were used during the registration for the First Semester of Academic Year 2011-2012. The overall result encouraged further system enhancement for its full-scale implementation.