A School Based Clinical Information System

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Ibarrientos, Jose III F.
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This project aimed to develop a school-based clinical information system that enables the clinician to properly document and manage clinical encounters and accurately retrieve correct and up-to-date clinical records. The system has also provided authenticity, data integrity, security, and confidentiality of clinical records. The paper-based filing system does not have an accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date clinical record and may not provide the best possible healthcare which can lead to serious consequences. An information and communication technology (ICT) based application was developed to ensure the continuity and comprehensiveness of healthcare services and delivery. The technological advancement and the integration of ICT-based applications in the healthcare environment play an important role in the significance of this project. The CBSUA infirmary, as well as other stakeholders, took advantage of the potential of information system integration on its clinical delivery structure and processes. The main objective of the project was to automate the paper-based filing system of Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA) infirmary specifically, the employees and enrolled student’s clinical health record. The project focused on the development of a standalone clinical information system (CIS) application that contain the essential elements of a paper-based record that can accurately retrieve comprehensive and legible clinical records. The project used Joint Application Development (JAD) methodology in system development which brings together the end-users, software architects and developers in the design and development of an application to work out a system’s details and to arrive at a solution that meet the requirements, specifications and actual activities of the end-users. A good system design can build a correct fast, fault-tolerance, and fit software system. The application was tested for data validation to ensure it fit the actual requirements and activities of the end-users.