A Developed Information System for B.E. Auto Supply

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Adefuin, Ma. Cecilia G
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The developed information system is designed for Smal and Medium Enterprises. This system is a type of Management Information System (MIS), which processed data from the transaction processing systems that generates reports automatically for management and monitoring of business processes. The system is implemented using Client/Server technology via intranet wherein computers are connected in a computer network that uses Internet Protocol to share information, operational systems, and computing services within the business. The development of the system used open source software, PHP as programming language, Apache as web server and MySQL as database. Prototype software process model is used to validate the requirements at an early stage which improve the quality of requirements and specifications of the system The project followed the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), each phases is significant to the project. The transaction processes is tested accordingly with the users to ensure the reliability and functionality of the system. Observation, interviews and survey to all stakeholders were done to evaluate the system. The result in testing and evaluation shows the value of BEIS in helping the manager to manage and control the business operation. The eficiency, effectiveness and performance of the project is suited to the needs of B.E. Auto Supply.
Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Statistics, computer and systems science::Informatics, computer and systems science::Information technology