Fixing Information Disorder in Social Media

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San Pablo, Shari Eunice
Briones, Ronalyn
De Guzman, Rowena P
De Leon, Charlotte Christie L
Salazar, Josa Marie L.
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This is the presentation file of the group from the ColLaboratoire 2020 Research Residency Program which had explored the theme of media disinformation. The presentation was featured as part of the final public engagement activity of the ColLaboratoire 2020 program, a video recording of which is available on ColLaboratoire 2020 was a week-long Research Residency program in multiple-disciplinary research and sustainability. During the residency, ColLaboratoire Fellows explored applying imaginative, methodologically innovative, and radically multiple-disciplinary approaches to six Research Challenges related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The program was inspired by the Marie Curie Innovative Training Network, CogNovo (, which was hosted from 2013 until 2017 at the University of Plymouth. For more information about ColLaboratoire 2020, see
This project was supported by the University of Plymouth, the University of the Philippines System's Institutional Linkages program, and the University of the Philippines Open University, in partnership with Space Ecologies Art and Design, WeDpro, and Curiosity.
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